Photo Retouching with Frequency Seperation in Photoshop

Photoshop, Lightroom and a F*CK Natural Beauty Campaign

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Retouching while maintaining the texture of the model's skin ensures a more natural look. She keeps the look of her natural pores and downy hairs while skin tone is smoothed, and blemishes and scars are removed without a fake overbrushed look.

The concept behind the F** Natural Beauty campaign is split, and forces the viewer to decide if the ad is saying F*** Natural Beauty, or F*** Natural Beauty. The Model is wearing neutral, but heavy makeup. She doesn’t look like this naturally, and the demographic for this ad know it. Her skin has been touched up to near perfect and her pupils dilated to make it feel sexy. She is looking the viewer directly into the eyes. This is where the second concept, F*** Natural Beauty becomes evident. The word f*** is pointing directly at her dialed pupils for a less than subtle message. Are they saying to hell with Natural Beauty (buy our products), or does it mean the natural look achieved on this model using the product is seductive?

This ad caters to an edgier, but still higher income demographic. It may not be used on billboards, but one might expect to see this on direct targeted mail and in less traditional publications and venues. I have removed the company logo I had associated with this campaign because this project was only an exercise and the nature of it is over the top.

beofre retouching
after retouching