OIAF Ad Campaign

In Collaboration with McMillan Agency, Ottawa

I was lucky enough to be contacted by Michael Zavacky , an Art Director at McMillan in the winter of 2015 to discuss the possibility of getting involved in the production of the Ottawa International Animation Festival campaign posters. McMillan has been doing this for the festival for several years, and I have been following the campaigns, as I have been attending every year since 2008. I leapt at this opportunity to get to work with McMillan, an agency known for excellent work, and to do work for the OIAF.

I was really excited to be asked to illustrate the posters, as Michael Zavacky is a well known industry illustrator and art director. Being able to learn from the guys at McMillan was an important opportunity for me.

For the 40th Anniversary of the Festival, we settled on the idea of bold seniors enjoying things generally reserved for the young, and doing them unabashedly. The animation community are known to have a darker sense of humour and this festival celebrates it, so we wanted a fun, cartoony, memorable campaign.

That’s what makes these posters every year stand out and get some attention, because people find them weird and creepy,” he says. “And we’re kind of flattered.”

— Michael Zavacky in an interview with Applied Arts Magazine

The festival was able to take the illustrations and apply them to their marketing for the 40th anniversary. Posters, billboards, magazine ads, web banners and bus ads were plastered across the city. It was the first time I’ve seen my own work on a large scale like that, and that was very rewarding.

Later on, the Campaign was picked up by Ads of the World , and Applied Arts Magazine wrote an article about the campaign on their website.

Some ways OIAF used the Illustrations

Production & Sketches

spinning dentures