What's Shakin'?

Parallax, 3d layers, Big Lizards

What's Shakin'? from Chelle Lorenzen on Vimeo.

Another unconventional love story by yours truly.

Music by Little Willie John.

Experimental Rotoscope Loop

Trying something new

Experimental Rotoscope from Chelle Lorenzen on Vimeo .

I created this project to flex my rotoscoping muscles. I experimented with creating a forever looping audio/video piece to create a super rad mood. I worked in After Effects, Photoshop & Audition to come up with a dirty little rad vid overtop of an expressive stock video.

Music by Brock Berrigan

Narwhal you were sleeping

A Salty Love Story

Narwhal you were Sleeping. from Chelle Lorenzen on Vimeo .

Created in After Effects for my Motion I class, exercising the use of camera & 3D layers.<

Music by The Flairs.

Toco Logo Reveal

Logo Reveal, Soundscape Design, Animation

Toco from Chelle Lorenzen on Vimeo.

This logo reveal is part of a broader broadcast package for an app that I am developing. The app monitors contractions, fetal movement and fetal heartrate in conjunction with a wearable belt.

Music by Bensound.org

Blackbird Music, 2013

A promo for a make-believe Record Store

Record Shop Motion Graphics Assignment from Chelle Lorenzen on Vimeo.

Final Assignment for Motion Graphics in the Interactive Multimedia Development program and Algonquin College.
Cover Music by the talented Weldon Poapst and vocals are by me, a sample cover of One More Chance by the Jackson 5.

Cover of the Jackson 5's One More Chance by Chelle Lorenzen & Weldon Poapst