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Selfie from the good angle? Check.

Hello. I'm Chelle (pronounced like shell, but way better). I'm a Graphic Designer. I coded this portfolio by hand. I really want you to know that. I put HTML, CSS, JS, & Jekyll into a bowl and mixed it just like your grandmother does when she makes those sweet sweet cinnamon buns (and leaves OUT the raisins because she knows they are gross and you hate them).

I live in Ottawa, Canada. I'm a designer/motion artist/illustrator/concept thinker-of-er/plant killer— (although I do like fresh produce which is kind of like having plants). Thanks to a plethora of local farmers markets, I can have it all. I also like beer and Walker's shortbread and I don't take sugar in my coffee due to an experiment I did where I tried to remove sugar from my diet and the only thing that stuck was the taste I developed for strangely creamy yet bitter coffee.

Dang. I talked more about foods than design again.

— Chelle Lorenzen, Student RGD, Prize-Winner, & Beer Swiller.